Just finished up a commission and thought I’d make a before and after version…since after all the commission was of a remake of an old picture! 



I’m a lame butt and working on a commission instead of doing the mountain of homework I have tonight eeeeerp…here’s a close-up of a progress picture before I go actually work on homework. Commissioner wanted a picture of Rin! It’s been forever and a half since I attempted an anime-style-sorta drawing! Though it still feels a bit semi-realistic..probably because of the shading. Still need to fix part of the shading on the skin though

First picture for Daily Draw February! Feeling a zodiac/tribal thing going on….but it was fun to doodle~


Here’s a speed paint of the this picture!

"Whatever causes night in our souls may leave stars" - Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three

I saw the quote above here on tumblr and was immediately inspired to draw something for it. At first it just seems like another “light at the end of the tunnel”, but thinking about it more…I feel like this quote is a better, more realistic representation of healthy optimism. Instead of trying to think that things will get better, it’s better to see the positives in troubling situations/in the past…who knows, if you look hard enough, you’ll find that the good things can be as numerous as the stars.

On deviantart

WIP of something I’ve been meaning to be getting back to work on

Right now I’m kinda all over the place. 10-minute vent doodle.

What was originally a little doodle today turned out to be my next print! Thought I’d try my hand at working on my scenery art…and had a bit too much fun with the colors

High quality version here

A print I just finished up! I had fun experimenting with different brushes for this one. 

You can view it in high quality here

Painting with tea results in crumpled paper how did I not foresee this earlier…trying to do what I can so it’ll lay somewhat flat in my sketchbook instead of being like someone who always needs attention “OH YOU WANT TO OPEN THIS SKETCHBOOK LOOK AT ME FIRST”